Finance Modeling/ForecastingDatasets 

(1) Exchangge Rates  
The data comprises of the US dollar exchange rate against Euros, Great Britain Pound (GBP) and Japanese Yen (JPY). We used the daily data from 1 January 2000 to 31 October 2002 as training data set, and the data from 1 November 2002 to 31 December 2002 as evaluation test set or out-of-sample datasets (partial data sets excluding holidays), which are used to evaluate the good or bad performance of the predictions, based on evaluation measurements.   DownLoad

(2) Nasdaq-100 index
 Nasdaq-100 index value from 11 January 1995 to 11 January 2002.   DownLoad

(3) NIFTY index   
NIFTY index from 01 January 1998 to 03 December 2001. DownLoad

(3) DELL  
The daily stock price of Dell Inc., training data is form February 10, 2003 to September 10, 2004 and test data is from September 13, 2004 to January 21, 2005. DownLoad 

(4) IBM  
The daily stock price of International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), training data is from  February 10, 2003 to September 10, 2004 and the test data is from September 13, 2004 to January 21, 2005.  DownLoad  

(5) Apple 
The daily stock price of Apple Computer Inc., training data is form  February 10, 2003 to September 10, 2004 and the test data is from September 13, 2004 to January 21, 2005.   DownLoad

Microarray Datasets   

(1) Colon dataset
The samples from colon dataset were taken from colon adencarcinoma specimens snap-frozen in liquid nitrogen within 20 minutes of removal from patients. The microarray dataset consists of 22 normal and 40 tumor tissue samples. In this dataset, each sample contains 2,000 genes.   DownLoad

(2) Leukemia Cancer  
The leukemia dataset was taken from a collection of leukemia patient samples reported by Golub. This dataset often serves as benchmark for microarray analysis methods. It contains measurements corresponding to acute lymphoblast leukemia (ALL) and acute myeloid leukemia (AML) samples from bone marrow and peripheral blood. The dataset consisted of 72 samples: 25 samples of AML, and 47 samples of ALL. Each sample is measured over 7,129 genes.  DownLoad

(3) Lung Cancer
Lung Cancer Classification between malignant pleural mesothe-lioma (MPM) and adenocarcinoma (ADCA) of the lung. There are 181 tissue samples (31 MPM and 150 ADCA). The training set contains 32 of them, 16 MPM and 16 ADCA. The rest 149 samples are used for testing. Each sample is described by 12533 genes.    DownLoad

(4)Ovarian dataset
The goal of this experiment is to identify proteomic patterns in serum that distinguish ovarian cancer from non-cancer. This study is significant to women who have a high risk of ovarian cancer due to family or personal history of cancer. The proteomic spectra were generated by mass spectroscopy and the data set provided here includes 91 controls (Normal) and 162 ovarian cancers. The raw spectral data of each sample contains the relative amplitude of the intensity at each molecular mass/charge (M/Z) identity. There are total 15154 M/Z identities.   DownLoad

Internet Traffic Classification Datasets   

(1) UJN 2013 dataset
The traces were collected on the campus network of University of Jinan, using TrafficLabeller tool.   DownLoad













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